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Important informations about the nozzles usage


The nozzle is a device projected for splitting a liquid in drops creating a jet of a definite shape. It can  be used for different applications. The jet produced by the nozzle exploits the impact of the drops on a
surface in order to wash it clear from the obstructions. There is a wide range of specialized nozzles for this aim.


For a best results and, in relation to deposits type to be removed, it is very important to consider some basic parameters such as pump flow system (l/min), pump pressure (bar) & size type lengh of hose, besides the inclination of the jet nozzle taken into consideration. It's necessary to examine the relationship between the inclination of the jets and the impact that has been created with deposits: increasing the angle jets decreasing the thrust, but the impact on the obstructions significantly increases.

The presence of a frontal jet permits to strengthen his effect. Nozzles must be installed taking into consideration the specific setting of the pump and also, in order to optimize cleaning effect, it's recommended to use the nozzle with the most similar dimension to the pipe diameter.

Regarding the rotating nozzles, high rotation is appropriated for cleaning small pipes, slow rotation gives, instead, better results in large diameter pipelines. For these devices, the use of centering guide permits to maintain central rotation into the pipe, ensuring an uniform cleaning.



Remember to strictly follow all use requirements settled by the actual norms. In order to avoid damages to things and people is recommended:

  • the use of the product in a defined area, not accessible to external and not competent people;
  • it must be used protective and safety devices such as goggles, gloves, and masks;
  • the devices must be carefully handled by the operator. Once the nozzle is securely settled inside the pipe, let it gradually get in pressure;
  • never remove the nozzle inside the pipe during work.

The company is not responsible for damages and accidents caused by improper use of device or different use foreseen by this one.


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