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Noozle sewer root cutter model 468

 Ugello tagliaradici 468


This is a medium-duty hydraulic tool for sewer root cutting. The root cutter model 468 works with most trailer-mounted sewer jetters and will clear obstructions in sewer and drain lines from 100 to 250mm.

Turn your high-pressure system into a high-powered sewage cleaning system. The robust cutters of this cutting nozzle use hydraulic power to quickly cut and root roots and debris faster than other systems.

Available for pipes from 100 to 250 mm in diameter, with flow rates from 37 to 60 liters / minute.

 Accessori tagliaradici 468



  • 55 - 137 Bar operating pressure
  • 37 - 56 L flow rate
  • Can be positioned into lines without having to enter the manhole
  • Easy-change skids and blades for quick adjustments in pipe sizes
  • Instant-lube fitting allows easy lubrication without disassembly
  • Self-propelled with removable, low-profile skids
  • Dedicated toolbox
  • Optional 10" blade and skid available
  • Patented design


  • Pipe Sizes: 100  - 250 mm diameter
  • Weight:  3,6 Kg.
  • Includes:  10, 150 and 200 blades and skids