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Newsletter 2019

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All petrol or diesel engines fitted to sewer jetting machines from 1 January 2019 must comply with the new EU STAGE V environmental regulations.

These new environmental regulations are a step in the right direction for:

  1. Our responsibility for Mother Earth. Something that future generations will appreciate.
  2. The quality of the air around your home. Who doesn’t like to sit in the garden after a hard day’s work and enjoy a breath of fresh and clean air?
  3. The hero who operates the machine. Fewer harmful emissions are better for your health.

The machines are offered with environmentally friendly engines that comply fully with EU STAGE V emission requirements.

Benefits of our new environmentally friendly diesel and petrol engines

In addition to traditional engines (STAGE IIIB), ROM has now expanded its range to include new state-of-the-art petrol and diesel engines.
These comply fully with the new EU emission standard (STAGE V). The benefits:

  • more economical
  • greener
  • the latest technology
  • water-cooled for intensive use

New: an industrial petrol engine for intensive use

Buyers often choose a diesel engine for intensively used sewer jetting machines. At present, ROM is still permitted to fit the current STAGE IIIB diesel engines. However, from 1 July 2020, we will only be permitted to fit the (more expensive) STAGE V diesel engines. So is there no other solution? Yes, there is and ROM offers it. We have an affordable alternative that ticks all the boxes; the industrial STAGE V petrol engine.
Like a diesel, this engine is water-cooled. Thanks to good temperature control via a heat exchanger, these petrol engines rival a diesel engine’s ability to stand up to intensive use without problems.

The benefits of the new industrial petrol engines:

  • Modern injection, CANbus technology and catalytic converter
  • Same performance as a diesel engine
  • Ideal for intensive use
  • Light in weight, meaning that you can take more water with you
  • Compact; suitable for light vehicles
  • Economical
  • More pleasant sound
  • Affordable

Selection of our machines with the new generation of engines

ROM COMPACT PRO - HP sewer jetting skid-mounted unit
Now also available with an industrial petrol engine. The Speck pump delivers a jetting pressure up to a maximum of 300 bars and a water capacity up to 75 l/min. The machine is suitable for non-stop use when clearing blockages and cleaning home sewer connections. It can even be used in the main sewer system up to a diameter of 500 mm.

ROM EcoNomic - HP sewer jetting skid-mounted unit
This machine is now also available with an industrial petrol engine. The Speck high pressure pump delivers a jetting pressure up to 210 bars and a water capacity up to 100 l/min. Ideal for unblocking and cleaning home sewer connections and the main sewer system up to a diameter of 600 mm.

Our latest machine, which we call the ‘Beast’, is now available with a powerful Kubota STAGE V common-rail turbo diesel engine, or as a PTO system where the machine is driven by the vehicle engine. Advantages of PTO:

  • Weight saving
  • Easy to maintain
  • Less noise nuisance
  • Environmentally friendly





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