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ECOFIT skid-mounted jetting sewer machine


The ECOFIT is one of the most advanced skid-mounted sewer jetting machines available. After six successful years on the European market, now has been incorporated many user tips into its ECOFIT. Over 250 components have been modernised or further developed. The controls and design are now even more userfriendly.


The ECOFIT unit includes the following standard features:

  • Swing-out control panel, control box and stainless steel drip tray
  • Fully hydraulically operational HP reel
  • 270 degrees rotational HP reel
  • Simultaneously rotating filling hose reel
  • Heat exchanger and fuel gauge

Besides this very extensive basic version, a wide range of extra options and accessories are available. The numerous improvements make the ECOFIT to be the ideal skid-mounted sewer jetting machine for virtually any medium to heavy weight commercial vehicle.

The ECOFIT has been designed using an entirely new concept in which every detail has been carefully reconsidered. Important design features include the machine’s excellent functionality and professional appearance. Its low centre of gravity ensures stability and safety whilst driving, both when the tank is empty and full. Thanks to the compact dimensions of the machine, plenty of space remains in your vehicle to carry tools and other materials. The front plate is available in the colours basalt grey, carmine red and signal yellow. Other colours are available on request (extra-cost option).


The ECOFIT has a heat exchanger for perfect temperature control. The machine is extremely durable and requires minimal maintenance thanks to features such as the stainless steel drip tray, double insulated stainless steel damper and the hot dip galvanised frame.


The lightweight modular skid- mounted tanks allow large amounts of water to be transported without using all the effective free space in your vehicle. Water tanks are available in 600, 800, 1000 and 1350 litres capacities.


Ample piping system and a custom- built radial swivel joint ensure maximum output at the sewer jetting nozzle.






  • Mounting of installation in Barneveld or installation kit
  • Different hydraulic radio remote controls
  • Automatic diesel engine start
  • Additional cable reel with 50m. cable
  • Working light on magnetic bracket
  • Safety package ROM Skid-mounted units
  • 2nd HP reel instead of water filling reel, complete with
  • 3-way valve/unloader combined system
  • Hydraulic drive second HP or filling hose reel
  • Dry run protection
  • Larger/additional water tank, several possibilities
  • 2 stainless steel anti-surge baffle plates
  • Extending hydrant filling connection with STORZ coupling
  • Fixed venturi type injector including 10m. hose and strainer
  • Suction-injector for anti-freeze, hose included
  • Bypass switch dry run protection
  • Eagle silence drive
  • Pulsation system
  • High pressure hot water unit, incl. frame
  • 40m. 3/8” HP steelply hose
  • Longer HP sewer jetting hose, several possibilities
  • Front panel spray painted in different colours
  • Mobile hot water hand washing unit
  • Nozzle case Profi (Hose ND13 ND16 with 1?2” connection)
  • Different lining interior vehicle options



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