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WinCan software to mapping pipelines

Wincan Software per la mappatura delle tubazioni

WinCan is a specialised software package for the inspection and management of networked pipeline systems. In  order to help you find the appropriate product for your needs, we have prepared thisinformation sheet which  shows the different WinCan packages to suit your organisation.

WinCan Version 8 Mobile
The professional CCTV Inspection Software

The WinCan Mobile Package is our flagship product and is the central part of all  WinCan software. It includes the core functions for the collection of pipe inspection  data, including recording high quality MPEG videos, saving detailed section data into  databases and printing out an inspection report. The data can be given to the client  with a free viewer software.

WinCan Version 8 Office
For the management of inspection data

The WinCan Office package includes all functionality for the management and  validation of pipe inspection data in the office. The data can be exported into  different data formats (e.g PACP or WRC). The user can choose a large variety of inspection  reports that deliver a clear overview over the condition of the waste water assets. 

WinCan GIS
Integration in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The WinCan GIS Package integrates pipe inspection data directly in different GIS  systems. WinCan GIS can be started directly from within the GIS system with just  one mouse click. It shows the footage and the observation data including photos and  videos of a pipe segment or a manhole. The observations can be written directly in a shape file and they can be shown as points in the GIS system.

WinCan ProTouch
Developed for the professionals in house inspection

The WinCan ProTouch package was developed especially for the needs of a house  inspection. Very simple data entry with a touch-screen without the need for a  keyboard or a mouse and a large area for the video screen are the main  characteristics of ProTouch. Optionally ProTouch links to WinCan 3D which draws a 3 - dimensional plan of the inspected pipes

WinCan ProClean
The professional documentation for the pipe cleaning process

WinCan ProClean is a specialized software package for the documentation of the  pipe cleaning process. It helps to collect information like the flushing pressure, the  nozzle position in the pipe, how much water was used, GPS position and a lot more. These details can then be printed out as a PDF report. This report proves the quality  of your work and shows what was done on-site.


Mappatura tubazione fognaria

Software per la mappatura delle tubazioni