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CleverScan - the intelligent manhole inspection system


CleverScan is an intelligent manhole scanning system. Intelligent means, that the camera head hosts a processor with a fully loaded operating system that can analyse and preprocess a massive volume of high quality image and sensor data. CleverScan is the result of several years joint research & development between two companies: The company KEPSO and CD LAB AG.

 CleverScan Sistema di ispezione intelligente dei pozzetti

Maximise mobility, simplicity and speed of the manhole inspection while maintaining the best image quality available. That's the product vision for CleverScan. All these advantages are availabe for a very reasonable price. Often manholes are not located directly at an easily accessible location. This makes it impossible to inspect these manholes with a camera that requires a big inspection truck. CleverScan is extremely mobile because its weight is only approx. 18 kilos / 38 lbs and its height is only approx. 1.10 m / 3' 7" so it can be stored in a car (e.g. VW Caddy) and carried by one person.

CleverScan ispezioni pozzetti

The camera system is simple and fast to use because the software is perfectly integrated with the hardware. Just push a button and the camera is doing everything automatically. Wait just a few moments and the scan is done then you're off to the next manhole. The image quality is one of the best on the market with 5 HD camera systems producing a HD video, a 3-dimensional view of the manhole and an unfolded view where you can see all the details of the manhole surface.