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ROM COMPACT - HP sewer jetting skid-mounted unit

Gruppo Rom Compact


The ROM COMPACT is the ideal high pressure sewer jetting skid-mounted unit for the unblocking and cleaning of lateral and main lines up to Ø 300mm in the sanitary sewer system. Thanks to its compact and light-weight design (from 255kg), the unit is suitable for light to medium-weight commercial vehicles.

The ROM COMPACT is designed according to a completely new concept. Furthermore, the modernised machine has a totally new design. For these reasons the ROM COMPACT is considered among the first of a new generation of sewer jetting machines. Special attention has been given to both the functionality and the design of the machine. The carefully thought out array of optional equipment makes the price/quality relationship even more attractive for both starting and professional sewer jetting specialists.


(PRO version)

The ROM COMPACT is light(from 255kg), which makes it suitable for light- to mediumweight commercial vehicles, such as the VW Transporter and the MB Vito. The COMPACT is available in both petrol and diesel engine configurations. The diesel engine ensures low fuel consumption and therefore a lower
hourly usage cost.



  • Mounting of installation in Barneveld
  • Installation kit
  • 4 Mounting brackets, several mm
  • Electric start system (only COMPACT Base 190/30)
  • Different remote controls
  • Additional cable reel with 50m. cable (only available in combination with option radiographic remote control)
  • Working light on magnetic bracket
  • Safety package ROM Skid-mounted units
  • Manually operated water filling hose reel with 50m. 3/4” filling hose (ND 20)
  • Hydraulic drive for HP reel
  • Manually operated second HP reel with 3-way valve/unloader combined system. Excluding HP hose
  • Dry run protection
  • Additional 600l. water tank
  • Fixed hydrant filling connection with STORZ coupling (cam size 66mm.) with filter on the water tank
  • Fixed venturi type injector including 10m. hose
  • Automatic filling system water tank operating on 12/24V
  • Suction-injector for anti-freeze, hose included
  • Bypass switch dry run protection
  • Pulsation system
  • Digital speed/working hour counter for petrol engine
  • 40m. 3/8” HP steelply hose
  • 80m. instead of 50m. 1/2” HP sewer jetting hose
  • Spraygun with lance 90cm. and flatspray nozzle
  • Nozzle storage rack mounted on installation
  • Mobile hot water hand washing unit, built-in
  • Nozzle set 3/8’’ or 1?2”
  • Nozzle case Profi (Hose ND13 ND16 with 1?2” connection)
  • Different lining interior vehicle options


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