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ROM SmartTrailer

High-pressure sewer cleaning trailer


The ROM SmartTrailer sewer cleaning trailer is suitable for unblocking and cleaning domestic connections and main sewer systems up to Ø300 mm. The machine is also suitable for façade, surface and drain cleaning. The trailer can even be used for removing light graffiti. Ideal for sewer cleaners, installation companies, plumbers and municipalities.

Compact and powerful go very well together. This sewer cleaner proves that. With a cleaning pressure up to 150 bar, and a water capacity up to max. 50 l/min., the SmartTrailer is a compact powerhouse.

The sewer cleaning machine is lightweight and can therefore be pulled by any vehicle. Even with a full water tank, the weight remains below 750 kg. A special driver’s license is therefore not required. The normal driving license B is sufficient. This makes the SmartTrailer widely applicable to your staff and fleet.

Rimorchio per spurgo SmartTrailer

The SmartTrailer can be parked almost anywhere thanks to its compact design. Moreover, the trailer is so light, you can easily push it anywhere you want. This means you can even get it through narrow passageways.

The high-pressure sewer cleaner is easy to operate for everyone. The job is done in no time. Opt for the optional remote control and make working even more efficient, ergonomic and safer. This makes it possible to work with one person at a greater distance from the machine.

Safety information

  • Economical EU Stage V & EPA Tier 4 Petrol Engine. Meets current and future emissions requirements
  • Spacious 400-litre water tank and 8 or 12-litre fuel tank
  • Electronic start-up system
  • Manually-operated high-pressure reel
  • High-pressure hose: 80m. 1/2” (ND13)
  • Various accessories, such as a stepless pressure regulator, pressure gauge and water filter with automatic water stop and flushing element
  • Hot-dip galvanised subframe
  • Large tool box (60-litre.) with lockable stainless-steel valve
  • Spray gun holder for storing your spray lance (hot-dip galvanised)



  • Unblocking and cleaning domestic connections and the main sewer system up to max. Ø300 mm.
  • Unblocking and cleaning rainwater drains (Ø70 mm) and smaller pipes
  • Façade/surface cleaning
  • Drainage cleaning
  • Removing light graffiti



  • Insertion range: max. Ø300
  • Drive: 16.9 kW/23 hp B&S Vanguard EU Stage V Petrol Engine
  • Water tank: 400 litres
  • High-pressure pump: Speck | 150 bar - 40 lpm | 150 bar - 50 lpm
  • High-pressure reel: manually-operated
  • High-pressure hose: 80m. 1/2” (ND13)
  • Pressure regulator: continuously adjustable
  • Filling hose reel: optional with 50 m. 3/4” water hose ND20
  • Fuel tank: 8 or 12 litres
  • Unladen weight: from approx. 320kg
  • Dimensions (l x w x h): 2750 x 1240 x 1050mm
  • Spray nozzles: spray nozzle 33 fore with rear drive | spray nozzle 36 rear
  • Colour: standard RAL 9010 (Pure white), optionally available in any colour


Performances figures

  • 150 bar/40 lpm | Petrol, 16.9 kW/23 hp B&S Vanguard EU Stage V | Essential
  • 150 bar/50 lpm | Petrol, 16.9 kW/23 hp B&S Vanguard EU Stage V | Comfort




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