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Heavy nozzles


Ugelli pesanti 



Nozzles, due to their weight, are able to liquefy and move sand, mud and other sediments aspirations. Suitable for cleaning larger diameter pipes to 150 mm. The oval shape promotes the progress curves and ensures easy retrieval.

Scope of use: frequent cleaning of pipes and tubes with obstructions from sands dates, materials or semi-liquid slurry. Washing prior to video inspection operations.
Materials: hardened and polished stainless steel or galvanized.
Number of holes: 6 to 8 rear: available upon request at the front hole.
Drilling angle: standard 35 °, 20 ° nozzle TC Ø 110.
Pressure: 250 bar.

Branding: customized on request

Indications:  Holes diameter calculation

Warnings:  Important informations about the nozzles usage


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