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Vibrating nozzles
Crushing power for stubborn sediments

 Ugelli vibranti, ugelli a vibrazione


Vibrating nozzles in the normal and aggressive version, with opposed holes at 90 ° - 45 ° at the back. The Vibrante nozzle is characterized by an eccentric central body that produces disruptive vibrations designed to split and shatter sedimented obstructions. Ideal for removing debris and incrustations inside cement, concrete and sediment limestone ducts

    Material: polished tempered stainless/steel A420
    Holes nr: 3/6 rear  + 4 central
    Jets angle: 30° rear jets, 90°+45° central vibrating  jets
    Max Pressure: 250 bar

Application: Nozzle for the removal of sedimented concrete and limestone inside concrete pipes.
Measurements: available in 3/8 "- 1/2" - 3/4 "- 1" - 1 "and 1/4 versions in various sizes and weight
Notes: Do not use on stoneware pipes or in the presence of fine plastic pipes.