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Triangular Penetrating Nozzles

Nozzle with 3 edges, 3 lateral jets and 1 front hole which has an high penetration thrust. Triangular nozzle has a very strong breaking & crushing action power on sedimented materials.


Ugelli a triangolo

Material: high quality Temperated galvanized steel alloy or tempered polished stainless/steel.

Number of holes: rear 6-8, lateral 4, frontal 1
Drilling angle: Rear 35°, lateral 10°, frontal jet 0°
Max pressure: 300 bar
Applications: cleaning of pipes and columns with heavy accumulated obstructions, where it' s necessary to break material such as stones, ice, limestone , beton, concrete,ice and roots.

Notes: is recommended to do not use this nozzle in sharp bends and in plastic pipes. Marking: customizable on demad.

Indications:  Holes diameter calculation

Warnings:  Important informations about the nozzles usage

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