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Holes diameter calculation


A nozzle to make the best and fully fulfill its purpose must be assembled according to the characteristics of the pump. The diameter of the water outlet holes can easily be obtained from the table below. Always keep in mind that holes that are too large for the pump capacity will render the nozzle inefficient, drastically reducing the cleaning power.

Holes diameter calculation: PRESSURE → L/MIN → HOLES Ø

Calculation example: having a pump of 200l/min at 150 bar, a 6 rear jets nozzle and a 10% pressure loss, it is possible to calculate holes diameter as follows:
P = 150 bar - 10% (pressure loss) = 135 bar
200 l/min ÷ 6 holes = 33,3 l/min for each holes
See below schedule: 135 bar column corresponds to a value of 34,2 l/min (the nearest to 33,3 l/min), value refers to hole diameter, in this case the diameter of each hole is 2,20mm.


Scheme table for nozzles holes diameter calculation


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